Sell your home with a realtor for flat fee mls

Sell Your Home With a Realtor® - Pay Lower Commission

Internet Listing Only - $199.00     Full MLS® Service - 4.5%

       All features of the Internet Listing Plus...

  • Listed on Local MLS and Realtor®.com
  • Cancel at any time
  • 12 Mo. Internet and MLS Listing Length
  • Same MLS used by Realtors®
  • Pay no commission unless it sells

Did you know that For Sale By Owner sales account for only 9% of the total sales and the typical FSBO home sold for $174,000 compared to $215,000 for broker assisted sales. ( NAR Real Estate Statistics )

With Avian Realty you get the best of both worlds - a broker assisted sale of your home at th e price of a For Sale By Owner. Do the math yourself and you will be amazed at the savings!

The two main factors affecting the sale of your home

1. Price - just because your neighbor's house sold for X amount of dollars, it does not mean your property is worth the same. There are many factors affecting the value of your property - condition, location, lot size and shape, square footage of the property, amenities, etc. Besides, your property is your home - there are lots of emotions involved and in your mind your home is worth much more than it really is. 

2. Exposure - you got smart, called a Realtor® and he or she did a comparative market analysis of your property hoping for your business. However you do not want to pay 6% commission (let's face it - that is a lot of money). You poke a sign in front of your home and start packing. Not so fast...

Even if you got the price of your home right - you can not replace the exposure a realtor will give your property. The most you will get is couple of nosy neighbors and maybe a few passers-by. Compare that with 40,000 realtors in the state of Illinois - chances are at least one of them will have a buyer - ready, willing and able to purchase your home.

For Sale By Owner Challenges

Understanding and Performing Paperwork - 18% Working With Unqualified Buyers - 6%
Setting the Correct Listing Price - 14% Atracting Potential Buyers - 6%
Preparing the Home for Sale - 11% Selling Within the Planned Time Frame - 6%

This is where Avian Realty comes in - to save you the money, give you the exposure and remove the challenges - all for less than you would spend as a For Sale By Owner. Give us a call, send us an e-mail or just choose a package.

Now you can start packing...                                       HOW WE SERVE SELLERS

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